"Invaluable. Absolutely amazed as to how the body quickly reacts to focused work. David is calm, focused, easy-going, patient, super intelligent, and knowledgeable. Thank you so unbelievably much for taking us to the next level."

- D.B.

"Completely enhanced my bodywork arsenal. Seeing and feeling how effective and quickly change can happen is inspiring and brings a whole new meaning to why I'm passionate about this work."

- A.N.

"Extremely beneficial to my massage practice. Helped me become even more intuitive."

- R.K.

"David's expertise and vast skill set invited me and the entire class to really step up to a higher level of physical and energetic bodywork. Blown away by this work."

- M.J.

"Really enjoyed the unique perspective introduced in this practice."

- S.A.

""A different way to work and approach. I loved that we learned some chi gong movement. I really enjoy the different approach that he has."

- P.B.

"Learning moves that are very effective while making the most of my time and energy!"

- E.K.

"Thank you so much for opening a whole new world of massage techniques & diagnostic abilities/methods."

- A.R.


"Amazing. My migraine headache was gone. I have felt lasting change in my neck and headache pain. The world needs more talented healers. Having a sensible holistic approach will change the world."

- A.T.

"5 years ago I had terrible sciatica. I literally could not even sit without sharp pains shooting through my back, butt, and leg. I was in agonizing pain for 3 months and eventually it started to subside after numerous acupuncture and massage treatments. Through the years, the pain would come and go. Since David addressed my sciatic issue, the pain hasn't come back. He worked on areas of my legs that I had no idea were related to my issue since no acupuncturist or massage therapist before even bothered to check. A number of my friends are his clients too and they've had amazing results. I recommend him to everyone. I appreciate his knowledge and attention to detail. Thanks, David."

- M.J.

"For 20+ years I've had pain in my ribs. Even the lightest touch caused me to wince. My left ribs were protruding a lot more than my right so I figured I was born that way. Thought it was pain I'd have my whole life. David worked on my ribs & after the 1st session I could actually handle a lot more pressure. To my amazement, my left ribs went back into place! I could even BREATHE more deeply. After 3 sessions, my ribs feel perfectly healthy. Absolutely amazing."

- A.N.

"My right arm was not working properly. I had great pain and couldn't reach behind my ear or hold it above my head at a certain point. After treatment, I felt great improvements. It's almost perfect. I can now sleep without pain and my arm is more use-able. I can reach and raise my arm almost normally.

From the first visit, there was a vast improvement in pain, which subsided and the improved operation of my arm was significant. I would like to see more practitioners using this method. It's a sestem that works. Everyone would benefit greatly. I'm so relieved that my situation could be resolved, after I've been looking for almost a year for relief. "

- W.K.

"I was a patient of David Nelson from October 18 to November 8, 2018. I had broken my left shoulder three months prior and had severe pains down my shoulder, upper and lower arm. I was enrolled in physical therapy twice a week with a PT therapist. I was constantly taking pain reliever that made little difference. The PT therapist was unable to help with my pain. He suggest I see David Nelson.

I had great success with David's treatments. After the second visit, I was able to sleep all night. I had a total of 6 one hour treatments and my pain was totally eliminated. David was able to do what two other physical therapists, a chiropractor, and massage therapist were not; eliminate my pain.

I would recommend David Nelson to my family and friends and anyone experiencing chronic pain. I would like to see more physicians using David's techniques. Looking back, his method makes perfect sense as he concentrates on the actual source of the pain.

I wish I had found David sooner."

- J.S.